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“My body as a little country, as an object to represent small stories that became one. Open mouths, thirsty, drowned in their tears or their own laughter, deafening and invisibles sounds. There is only one objective, to feel something, no matter what.” (Janet Novás)

In this work “Cara pintada…”, I’m interested to talk about the essence of emotions, about the motivations that drive human beings. I follow an obsession, to keep my body alive, vibrating, constantly looking for opposites to scape from balance. This balance which extends in time and does not offer me anything in return.

The body is presented in this framework as an object, like an empty vessel to be filled, loading and turning until it loses its form and its content disappears.

The space, music, voices, objects, lights and shadows are imbedded in this imaginary game and extending into the body, thus translating the stories and emotions that arise in it, falling into a state of absurd, ridiculous and surreal and not hold in any narrative element. It is the belief that I deposit on my actions what makes sense, without judging, without waiting even any result. The emotions are mixed, melted and confused, there are no limits to get to feel what happens under the skin.

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“Cara pintada, el salto de la Rana y otras pequeñas historias” wants to invite the viewer to enter into the intimacy of its forms, the intensity of its gestures and the secret that they hide.

This project was conceived in July 2008 but it doesn’t started until December 2009, with the advised of Ricardo Santana, and the music of Haru Mori. The work was developed between Madrid and Brussels with the collaboration of “Provisional Danza” and the “Centro Cultural García Lorca” (Brussels). Other supporting figures was Frank Chartier, artistic director of the belgium collective Peeping Tom, Carmen Werner, artistic director of Provisional Danza and Daniel Abreu, director of the company with his own name.

“Cara pintada, el salto de la Rana y otras pequeñas historias” was premiered in “Teatro Ensalle” Vigo, on the 4 of June, 2010.


Idea and direction: Janet Novás / Performer: Janet Novás / Assistant Director: Ricardo Santana / Original Music: Haru Mori / Costumes: Juana Rodríguez / Light design: Pedro Fresneda y Antón Ferreiro / Lighting technician: Paloma Parra / Photography: Piti Prieto y Juan Adrio / Lenght: 50min. / Collaboration: Provisional Danza (Madrid) y Centro Cultural García Lorca ( Bruselas)

Thanks: Frank Chartier y Gabriela Carrizo, Teatro Ensalle, Garage 29, Daniel Abreu, Haru Mori, Andrea Quintana, Antía Díaz, Sara Sampelayo, Katia Kissina, Fran, Rober, Marta, Uxía, Antón, Paco y Juana.

Rosita Boisseau / Télé (París) 25 de Junio 2012

Janet Novas propose donc Cara Pintada, bombe de sensations prête à exploser pour peu que son interprète, visiblement toujours sous pression, se laisse aller. Une pièce entièrement placée sous le signe de l’humain et de ce qu’il traverse sans qu’on lui demande son avis, c’est la vie… A découvrir.

8eartmagazine / Marseille, Junio 2012

…Un solo piquant,inventif et troublant de Janet Novas, magnétique interprète de Cara pintada…

LAPOR, Sábado 21 de abril 2011

…Por un lado, Janet (Novás) siempre resulta sugerente, con una sensualidad casi inherente, femenina, embaucadora; por otro, tiene una presencia y una expresión muy fuerte en escena, algo físico, muy masculino, despojado, sin margen ni espacio para la seducción, visceral, deformado.

Gloria Díaz, El Club Express.

 * El espectáculo que ofreció Janet Novás en la Sala Manuel García del Teatro Maestranza es de esas piezas de danza que saboreas durante un buen rato una vez terminada la función. Hay fotogramas que se quedan grabados y que perduran bastante en la memoria. Y es que Cara Pintada es un espectáculo, ante todo, de una plasticidad asombrosa. Un juego de colores, de luces, de contrastes, el impactante efecto de los brillos dorados sobre el rostro de la bailarina. Danza en la retina.

* El trabajo del cuerpo, el movimiento y el gesto realizado por la bailarina es de una intensidad y de una expresividad asombrosas. Lo dicho: Cara Pintada, imágenes en movimiento para retener en la retina.