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“It is born of me, it comes out of me, it needs to come out and manifest itself. I don’t know what it is, nor what it is called, I only know that it exists and wants to be visible. It wants to speak and be, to be something tangible to be right and truthful in others’ eyes and in my own… It wants to show itself from an image, from a sound, from silence. It wants to be born though it dies in that instant. And I am at its service for that to happen.” Janet Novas

In my my creative processes there are two great recurring lines or principles important to the decisions I make and which profile my work; one of intuitive, somatic character, and another which reflects on and questions the first. The esthetic result of my pieces is a transcription of the dialogue between these two ways of thinking. In this work I have tried to bring to the fore all of those materials which were the fruit of drives, distancing myself from the problematics presented by the discursive.

I am interested in broadening the limits of the body, and to that end I have used a series of tools: objects which build metaphorical images, makeup which transforms the body, costumes which reflect light and lighting that dresses the space, sound textures that create landscapes. In this piece those landscapes are self-preferential or biographical, although I’ve only been aware of this once they have begun to act synergically, thus I recognize the cliffs of Galicia, the sea, folklore, magic and ritual, the cosmic.

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“Janet Novás dances with her extremities, with her torso and with her eyes as well, with her saliva, movement seems to become autonomous and dance Janet more than Janet dances the movement. She twists, turns, leaps, melds with the floor and becomes a beam of energy moving around the space, coloring it with a dense, transparent substance. She begins with expressionist gestures that move along her body creating animal, generational and emotional transformations. And it is here that the image of the chameleon emerges, building a malleable, changing habitat, alive and unpredictable; a work which takes its form as rapture, as a feeling of ecstasy, which is experienced, -not spoken- whose single solid base is the sensation of a body in movement in the space.” (Text written by Antia Díaz)



Creation & interpretation · Janet Novás / Dramaturgy · Ricardo Santana / Original music · Haru Mori / Ambient Sound · Haru Mori & Óscar Villegas / Adviser · Antía Díaz y Lipi Hernández / Lighting dising· David Picazo & Cristina Bolívar / Pictures · Virginia Rota / Costumes · Panamá Díaz y Maravilla Muñoz

A piece coproduced by: Festival de Otoño en Primavera de la Comunidad de Madrid, Teatro Pradillo, Escenas do Cambio and Festival BAD Bilbao.

With the support of: Graner Centro de Creació, Paso a 2, Conde Duque, Centro de Danza Canal and Coreógrafos en Comunidad.

Thanks to: Carmen Fuentes and Proyecto Proyectil.

El Periódico de las Artes Escénicas Artezblai

“Bestial, sideral, emocionante… la presencia y el movimiento de Janet Novás en su pieza Si pudiera hablar de esto no haría esto.”

3-Escenas do cambio

* Selected by Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID) in 2017 *

* Selected by Red Española de Teatros best 18 dance performance for 2017 *